LED Ladder light/Shutter lamp

LED ladder light

*Constitute by PC lens/PCB/Pure copper lines/3030SMD/Bottom sub in each end.
*PC Lens have big beam angle: 160°Apply to light box back light to replace modules or tubes.
*Through actual use to confirmed: HTD-L1014-3030 LED Curtain light can save 1.5 times the light source and labor costs than used modules.It just need simply opens then fixed screws (Also can be use silicone adhesive). It's very quick and accurate to use.
*Note: 7CM/Cutbut the length of the PCB and LED quantity can be customized(Include the LED type and wires length).
*DC12V input/ptional IP20/IP65(Must use in box) waterproof level/Warranty is 2 years.

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