LED RGB/Full color module

HTD-75123RGBW Module

1. Adopt TOP RGBW5050 SMDLED,no light spot, with a low lumen recession and good consistency.
2.5050 module With a low power consumption and high lumen value,20-24lm/LED(When white color),a long life-span,maintenance-free.
3. With a PVC plastic technique for outer cover,this unique structure grants a better cooling effect.
4. IP Rate: IP65,waterproof.
5. DC 12V low voltage input,reliable and safe.
6. Adopt series-parallel connection circuit,20/40pcs per string, if 40pcs connect together must be on the each end of string connect DC12V,each module could be singled out.
7. Viewing angle: 120°.
8. 2 years warranty.

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